Hillary accidentally deleted her subpoena! 2

It’s time to bring Jodi Miller back!

Ms. Miller is the cracker-jack investigative journalist for NewsBusted. She has a lot to report on today, including the reason it took Hillary so long to turn over her e-mail server.

Do you want to know what is really going on the world? Listen to Jodi Miller! More…


Aljazeera bans 3 words from all news stories Reply

It’s Friday. Time for some hard-hitting news from NewsBusted’s ace reporter, Jodi Miller. Jodi reports on some big stories: More…


“Works for us” Reply

A California couple are told they will be fined if they do not water their lawn.

But they are also told by another state authority that they will be fined if they do.

What is Democrat’s response? Listen to NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller for this and other breaking stories: More…


The real life of Jodi Miller 3

By Tom Quiner

Jodi Miller has been a feature on Quiner’s Diner for years.

There are not a lot of conservative Jon Stewarts around. Jodi helps to fill in that gap.

I just ran across a video clip of Jodi that tells a little more about her. She does not earn her living full time from comedy. In fact, one of the ways she earns a living is by delivering groceries.

Watch her very funny routine on “America’s Got Talent.”

Take it away, Jodi, once again!