Connecticut Dems replace the death penalty with Obamacare!

By Tom Quiner


I’m sure you’ve guessed by the headline above that this is Friday and time for some fun.

We need Friday.

We certainly need some fun after this week. Democrats beat up on Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom. The president demagogued the so-called “wage gap” issue. Iowa Democrats rejected the nomination of a great candidate to the Board of Medicine for being too Catholic.


We need a little lighter news to get us into the weekend spirit. Time for NewsBusted’s legendary ace reporter, Jodi Miller, with more hot scoops to ease you into your weekend:

√ The truth about a poll of government employees.

√ How Obama pays for anti-Romney ads.

√ Connecticut Dems replace the death penalty with Obamacare!

√ More Hezbollah sympathizers at an MSNBC picnic than live in New York!

√ New anti-groping law in D.C.

√ Republican’s “war on Klingons!”

√ New Zombie gun on the way from the Ruskies?

√ Obama promotes the “Hunger Games”, aka food stamps!

Have a great weekend!

Take it away, Jodi!