Welcome, Liam

By Tom Quiner

Three generations of Quiners

Three generations of Quiners

On Monday, I officially became a grandparent for the first time.

(Official means Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party now consider my grandson to be a real person with human rights.)

Welcome, Liam Quiner. He is pictured above with his grandpa and father.

Followers of this blog met Liam back in January while he was in the womb, in an earlier post (“Meet my grandson”).

His birthday was surely one of the happiest days of my life.

He was born in the same Catholic hospital in which I was born. As I walked the halls of the hospital, I saw a large photo and plaque commemorating Sister Zita, the legendary nun who helped bring half of Des Moines into this world (including me, a Protestant baby!).

It hit me with a start: how much longer will Sister Zita’s photo adorn this wall? This hospital may not be allowed to remain Catholic due to the HHS Mandate.

If Mercy Hospital doesn’t want to violate their religious conscience, they will either have to shut down, pay exorbitant fines that will eventually bankrupt them, refuse to serve non-Catholics, or sell it off to a secular group.

These aren’t fair choices, because they violate our religious liberties.

After meeting Liam, Karen and I went down to the chapel, knelt, and prayed our thanks to God for delivering this beautiful, little boy to our family.

What a day!

That night, I learned via Fox News that 43 Catholic dioceses and organizations sued the Obama administration for violating their religious liberty with the HHS mandate.

What an unprecedented news story!

Guess how much time NBC devoted to this story? Zero.

Guess how much time ABC devoted to this story? Zero.

Guess how much time CBS devoted to this story? Nineteen seconds.

National Public Radio didn’t think it was newsworthy either.

The Catholic Church has declared war on the Obama administration, and this isn’t news?

The Church says they’ll shut down their 500+ hospitals serving some 80 million Catholic and non-Catholic patients, rather than comply.

The Church says they’ll shut down their 6000+elementary schools and 1300+ high schools collectively serving some 2.5 million students, rather than comply.

The Church says they’ll shut down their 200+ Catholic universities serving three quarter of a million Catholic and non-Catholic students, rather than comply.

The Church sues the Obama administration in the name of some 80 million Americans, and this isn’t news?

Everyone knows the MSM is biased. But this goes beyond bias, moving into the realm of blindness.

The liberal media, like the president, are so out-of-touch with rank and file American’s sensitivity to religious liberty concerns, that they don’t consider it newsworthy; and worse, refuse to cover it if it is politically deleterious to their candidate, Barack Obama.

To little Liam, here are his grandpa’s words of wisdom: “Love God with all your heart and soul and mind, and fight the good fight on His behalf. He needs more soldiers.”