4 dirty little secrets about the Abortion Pill

By Tom Quiner

The abortion pillPlanned Parenthood has rolled out a relentless PR campaign that says the Abortion Pill is good.

Iowa Right to Life presents the dirty little secrets about the Abortion Pill, aka RU-486. This comes from a fact sheet they have prepared for women contemplating ending their pregnancy in this way.

Dirty Little Secret #1: Abortion pill abortions are bloodier and take longer. Women are first given three RU-486 pils, also known as mifepristone or “Mifeprex,” and then a few days later, instructed to take a second drug, misoprostal, which causes the baby to be aborted.

Planned Parenthood advertises them as “more natural,” but the truth is, RU-486/Medication Abortions take longer and are bloodier than a surgical abortion.

Dirty Little Secret #2: Planned Parenthood manipulates the dosage to pad their profits. Planned Parenthood gives women a single RU-486 pill, instead of three recommended by the FDA, then increases the dosage of the less expensive prostaglandin, Misoprostol. This means more money for Planned Parehtnood, and more danger for women.

Planned Parenthood also cuts back the number of appointments that the FDA advises for medication abortions from three to two, which aslo increases Planned Parenthood’s profits even more by reducing office expenses.

Dirty Little Secret #3: You are left to deal with the dead baby at home ALONE. Women who have RU-486/Medication Abortions often see the body of the baby.

If you still have parts of the baby in you after an RU-486 abortion, you have to return to Planned Parenthood for a surgical abortion.

Dirty LIttle Secret #4: If something goes wrong, Planned Parenthood will blame YOU. In a 2007 court case in Nebraska, a Planned Paernthood abortionist punctured the uterus of a woman, who nearly bled to death. Planned Parenthood’s attorney said the victim was “well aware of the riskes.” The abortionist, Dr. Meryl Severson, practices in Iowa — he is one of Planned Parenthood’s medical directors.

[Thanks to Iowa Right to Life for working to educate at-risk women. Get the facts on pro life issues from a source you can rely on here.]