RU-486 is poison Reply

I’d like to contrast the use of two medical poisons for a moment. Chemotherapy is used to kill tumors that are growing uncontrollably in a body. Without the use of the poison, cancer, the “bad cells” will overtake the good cells and kill the person.

RU-486, on the other hand, kills “good cells.” Did you know that after just four weeks of conception, a human person is creating a million new cells a second? These cells aren’t destroying, they are creating. More…

Planned Parenthood’s veracity gap 3

Women get hurt from the abortion pill.

The FDA released a report two years ago which itemized the harm done to women who ingested the RU-486 (Mifepristone) human abortion pill.

Two-thousand, two-hundred and seven women got hurt.

Fourteen women died.

Another six-hundred and twelve were hospitalized.

Three-hundred thirty-nine women required transfusions.

Two-hundred fifty-six suffered infections, forty-eight of them severe.

And yet here in Iowa, not a single injury. Go figure. More…

Reality check: Obama DOES support chemical weapons 5

Barack Obama’s world view has been a living, breathing, and evolving process, much like his view of the Constitution. But that is not the point of this post. The point is this: Barack Obama certainly does support the use of chemical weapons which target innocent human beings.

I am talking about … More…

What a heartless mob 1

Detractors to my recent essay in the Des Moines Register claim I “hate women” since I oppose webcam abortions:

“I’ve got to wonder at anyone who so hates females that he’d elevate the rights of a fetus over those of a woman.”

I oppose webcam abortions on the ground that they can hurt women, as it did to Holly Patterson, and kill her fetus, which compelling evidence reveals as being a human being. The “hate women” claim is nonsense, of course, and is trotted out by those who are unable to muster a more persuasive argument … More…