A message from Governor Branstad

By Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds

Dear Friends,

Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds

Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds stand up for religious liberty.

The fundamental right to freely exercise your religion is inalienable. This recognition was established by our Founding Fathers as they charted what would become the freest nation on earth, unparalleled and unmatched in opportunity for its citizens.

We all have enjoyed this right as individuals in this great nation, as generations before us have for more than 235 years.

However, while we accept this right as inalienable, we must never take this right for granted. No person, elected body or institution should be allowed to strip us of this freedom, and should they try, it is our responsibility to stand up to them.

Our religious liberty is under attack like never before. The idea that an unconstitutional mandate can force our hand, against our will and religion, should frighten us all. And in of all places, America. Unfortunately, this is precisely what we face.

We are disappointed we were unable to be in attendance with you all today, however we are proud of you for exercising that other great, fundamentally American right: the freedom of speech.

Know that we will always stand with you in protecting and promoting the religious freedoms of all people. Future generations are counting on us, and we must not let them down.

[This letter was read at last Friday’s Stand Up for Liberty rally at the foot of the Capital. Thanks to Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds for supporting religious liberty.]