By Tom Quiner


As the Obama economy continues to cool down, Jodi Miller’s sharp wit heats up.

It’s Friday. It’s been an intense week. Time to kickback and simply share a few laughs at the expense of our favorite liberals with a weekly dose of witty repartee’ from Jodi Miller. Ms. Miller is the ace reporter for NewsBusted.

Here’s this week’s scoops:

√ What could possibly be as phony as Elizabeth Warren’s tomahawk?

√ Do we need another Pentagon study?

√ Condaleeza Rice endorses Romney!

√ Barbara Walters to Obama’s rescue!

√ Democrat switches parties!

√ Go figure: needs more money to re-elect the guy who helped dry up their fundraising?!

√ NBC covers Michelle Obama’s new cookbook, ignores Romney.

√ Algebra slows down, but doesn’t stop, 86 year old Vet!

Take it away, Jodi!

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