President Romney announces he won’t enforce provisions of Obamacare

By Tom Quiner

Imagine the outcry if a President Romney did such a thing. Imagine if he refused to enforce a congressional law because, well, he just doesn’t like it.

And yet this has become standard fare for President Obama.

He couldn’t get Congress to pass the “cap and trade” legislation he demanded. So, he simply went around them and had the EPA begin enforcing new, stringent requirements that do the same thing.

He didn’t like the Defense of Marriage Act, so he simply decided not to enforce it.

Same thing with college loans, mortgages, and recess appointments (when there was no recess).

He got our military involved in Libya without Congressional approval, despite his insistence for such approval in is pre-president days.

His imperial presidency is particularly exasperating when it comes to immigration policy. The president has said he simply won’t enforce certain aspects of our immigration laws as they apply to young illegal immigrants. This is a legitimate and moral policy if Congress had passed appropriate legislation. And yet at the same time, he sued Arizona for trying too hard to enforce immigration laws. (The president lost the key provision: the Supreme Court unanimously upheld Arizona’s right to check the immigration status of everyone they suspect is here illegally.)

At the same time he plays hardball with Arizona, he plays softball with San Francisco by not suing them for being a “sanctuary city.”

In other words, he throws all the might of the federal government against those who want to uphold the law and ignores those who don’t.

Our system is based on checks and balances and separation of powers. Barack Obama is trampling the rule of law.

For no other reason than this, he needs to be replaced.