It’s Friday, and Jodi Miller is back!

By Tom Quiner


We missed Jodi’s concise, incisive, and some would say, divisive reporting last week. But she’s back this week, and her news is better than ever.

For new readers of this blog, Jodi Miller is the ace reporter for NewsBusted. She specializes in reporting “news” that honestly portrays the essence of the liberals we conservatives love and respect. Quiner’s Diner features her every Friday. Here are today’s top stories:

√ Whose fault are the trillion dollar deficits? Guess!

√ Will Obama call for another bailout?

√ Mrs. Obama has travel plans for a second term!

√ Why liberal pundits hope Obama wins in a landslide.

√ Check out great real estate deals in Greece!

√ You know things are bad when Facebook “unfriends” itself!

√ What TV show makes a kid gay?

√ Guess who’s Kim’s next ex-husband!

Launch your Friday with some great laughs. Take it way, Jodi!