The bogus rape issue

By Tom Quiner

Abortion is now at the “center” of the campaign debate intones CNN.

The mainstream media (MSM) desperately desires this to be true, because their man’s handling of the economy has been so abysmal.

Their man, of course, is Barack Obama. The CBO has just announced that unemployment will rise to over nine percent next year as America plunges into a new recession as it falls over the “fiscal cliff” with Mr. Obama leading the charge.

To deflect this bad news, the MSM chooses to extend their coverage of Republican Todd Akin’s unfortunate remarks regarding rape and abortion (see recent posts: “Abortion increases the sense of shame in rape victims” and “Rape“).

I would welcome a debate, if it were a true debate. It won’t be.

The same MSM that calls for this debate refuses to apply the same level of scrutiny to the truly radical positions held by Barack Obama when it comes to human abortion.

Recall that as a state senator, Mr. Obama refused to vote for equal medical treatment for children born alive after surviving a failed abortion.

Can you imagine any person with half-a-heart letting a baby die before your eyes, simply because she was supposed to be killed in the first place? Seriously, can you? Even Nancy Pelosi voted for comparable legislation at the national level.

The MSM gave Barack Obama a free pass for his extremist position.

Barack Obama also demanded that sex-selection abortions, also known as gendercide, remain legal. Girl babies get aborted a lot more than boy babies. Barack Obama is okay with this. If he wasn’t, he would have put his considerable clout behind a law that would prevent this deadly form of discrimination.

He didn’t, because he’s okay with it. Human life is disposable in his worldview.

The MSM gives him a free pass on this issue, fully exposing their cynical exploitation of the “war on women” label liberals try to pin on Republicans.

The Todd Akin remarks have been repudiated by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

End of story.

The story that never seems to end, on the other hand, is an economy doing grave harm to working class Americans.

And yet CNN downplays this story. Rather, they choose to make center the issue of abortion in the case of rape. For the record, less than a percent of abortions occur because of rape. It IS a significant issue to me and many other Americans who view human life as beginning at the point of conception.

But to say this is the “central” issue of the campaign reveals the cynical lengths the MSM will go to slant news coverage during an election year.



  1. onetenthblog on August 24, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    “Abortion is now at the center of the campaign debate intones CNN”

    One thing though, I think political parties have to moderate their memes (GOP and Dems)– it’s always a worry when the genie we release hits main street and we don’t know what to do with the consequences.

    For genuine pro-life and pro-choice groups, the campaign is a long march anyway, so what changed? Election ’12 and the need to raise funds.

    After the election, pro-choice and pro-life will still have to hammer their messages, but MSM cameras won’t be there anymore 🙁 Media is not the best barometer– they believe in news as business. Abortion, and Akin’s comment will drive people to the comment boxes but this is not to say they’ll be driving to and waving flags in political rallies. End of story.

    “The story that never seems to end, on the other hand, is an economy doing grave harm to working class Americans. And yet CNN downplays this story.”

    Not just in the United States anymore….

    • quinersdiner on August 25, 2012 at 7:09 am

      Thanks for writing.