Abortion lust

By Tom Quiner

Desire for political power and profits fuels abortion lust.

Why is the president and his party so insistent on expanding human abortion?

Their party platform essentially calls for unrestricted taxpayer funded abortion. The president insists that Catholic employers and organizations buy abortifacients for their employees in direct violation of their First Amendment rights.

Why this lust for abortion?

It comes down to power, politics, and profits.

If that’s not enough alliteration for you, let’s throw in Planned Parenthood who serves as the puppet master for the entire tragic passion play.

Planned Parenthood not only financially rewards the Democratic Party with lavish campaign contributions, they drive a lot of voters their way.

Democrats enjoy tremendous political power on the backs of the preborn. They promise to block pro life legislation and to appoint abortion-friendly judges as their end of the Faustian bargain.

They are so focused on expanding human abortion that they even cancelled the contract on the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ effort to serve women who were victims of human trafficking. Why? Because the Bishops refused to refer these women for abortions.

No abortion, no federal contract.

Barack Obama pulled the plug.

The tremendous good being done by the Bishop’s efforts was deemed insufficient because they rejected Obama’s abortion lust.

Democrats’ lust for political power by feeding at the trough of Planned Parenthood’s abortion lust undoes any good that the party accomplishes in other arenas.

Many of my good liberal friends would take offense at that statement. They tell me that although they are personally against abortion (you know the tune), they can’t tell women what to do with their bodies.

And that abortion is but one issue.

And that conservatives shouldn’t be so fixated on this one issue.

How about Jews? Should they be so fixated on the Holocaust? At this point, my liberal friends are beginning to fume. I get it. Both sides love to call the other side a bunch of Nazis in this polarized political climate.

I am not calling anyone a Nazi. But the Holocaust presents a troubling moral dilemma to each of us. Baruch Cohen writes about the “Ethics of using medical data from Nazi experiments” on the Jewish Law website:

“Holocaust survivor Susan Vigorito found the use of the word “data” a sterile term. She was 3 ½ when she and her twin sister, Hannah, arrived at Auschwitz. They were housed for an entire year in Mengele’s private lab in a wooden cage a yard and a half wide. Without anesthetic, Mengele would repeatedly scrape at the bone tissue of one of her legs. Her sister died from repeated injections to her spinal column. She claims that she is the real data, the living data of Dr. Mengele.”

Mr. Cohen lays the dilemma on the line:

“Any analysis that fails to see realistically the Nazi data as a blood soaked document fails to comprehend fully the magnitude of the issue.”

Should we use the data and try to get a good result out of evil?

Or is the research so tainted by the blood of its victims that it should never be used?

The Democrats have tainted their legislative achievements on the backs of the preborn who have given them undeserved power. The difference today is that even though the Nazis were stopped at a tremendous cost, Planned Parenthood continues its expansion of human abortion with the concerted support of the Democratic Party.

Democrats’ achievements are soaked in so much innocent human blood that any good they have accomplished is negated by this American Holocaust, for which they are at least partially culpable.

The American Holocaust far exceeds the loss of life of the Nazi-perpetuated Holocaust. I do not diminish the scope and horror of the suffering of the Jewish people. They were victims of a certain kind of evil: racism.

The American preborn are the victims of a totally different kind of evil: lust for power and profits.

Philosophers can argue which is worse.

Meanwhile, abortion lust continues to thrive.



  1. Shawn Pavlik on September 26, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    Nice alliteration!

    To me this is about our most fundamental right as human beings, that being “LIFE”. There’s a reason it is mentioned as our first inalienable right in our Declaration of Independence. It is a right without which all other rights become meaningless.

  2. Shawn Pavlik on September 26, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Also, regarding the Holocaust, Hitler “only” exterminated 6 million Jews. There have been over 50 million Americans sentenced to death for no more reason than that they are “unwanted”. More Americans than have died in all of our wars put together, and it isn’t even close.

    • quinersdiner on September 26, 2012 at 3:10 pm

      Tragically too true.