Barack says yes to Beyonc’e, no to Bibi

By Tom Quiner

President Obama has time for Beyonc’e

The Middle East is once again falling apart.

The stakes are higher than ever after the coordinated attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt.

The stakes are higher than ever in light of Iran’s laser-focus drive toward nuclear weapons.

The stakes are infinitesimally high in light of Iran’s proud and vocal hatred of Israel.

So when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bebe” Netanyahu said it is important for him to meet with President Obama, you’d think the President would make room in his schedule.

He didn’t.

He said no, he was too busy. It turns out he’s not too busy to meet with Beyonc’e. Here’s an e-mail she just put out:

Friend — I usually don’t email you — but I have an amazing invitation I have to share. Jay and I

President Obama has no time for Prime Minister Netanyahu

will be meeting up with President Obama for an evening in NYC sometime soon. And we want you to be there! Until midnight tonight, if you pitch in $15 or whatever you can, you’ll be automatically entered to be flown out to join us. I’ve had the honor of meeting President Obama and the First Lady a few times — and believe me — it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Don’t worry about the airfare and hotel, it’s taken care of. And you can bring a guest. But the countdown is on — this opportunity ends at midnight: Can’t wait to meet you!



Politics come first with Mr. Obama, foreign policy second.

Sorry, Bebe, take a number … or make a $15 contribution.