Why you should attend “9 Days that Changed the World”

By Tom Quiner


John Paul II stepped foot into a spiritual war zone on June 2nd, 1979.

The communist government had “allowed” the new Pope to return to his native country of Poland. They feared the Pope.  He was their enemy.

They limited news coverage in order to hold down awareness of the trip and reduce the size of crowds.

It didn’t work.  A million Poles turned out in Victory Square for the Pope’s first Mass.  In the midst of the Mass, the pent up spirituality of this Catholic nation erupted in spontaneous song:  “We want God!”

Communism began to die that moment.

9 Days that Changed the World relives this trip that led to the fall of communism.  You will witness never-before-seen footage of the trip.  You will hear interviews of people who were there, regular people who had to live through the unrelenting gloom and oppression of communist rule.

One interview sticks with me.  A woman relates how the atheistic communist government marched into her dad’s pharmacy are forcibly removed the crucifix from the wall.

Just as freedom of religion was dramatically curtailed by the communists, America is faced with its own spiritual warfare.  Our government has imposed a mandate which requires Catholic business owners and organizations to violate their conscience by purchasing contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization in their insurance coverage.

9 Days that Changed the World is immediately relevant to these times.  Relive how the Blessed Pope John Paul II invoked our Blessed Mother and an army of saints to defeat the forces of darkness, and how we must do the same.

There’s another reason I encourage you to attend.  It is thrilling for the faithful to share their Christianity in a secular setting like this (the Fleur Cinema).

We’ll start with prayer and then together relive the drama of the “9 Days that Changed the World!”

Order advance tickets online at www.thePopeofthePeople.com and save.  Spread the word.  Let us come together as Catholics and celebrate our rich history with this film.