Beware a single payer system

By Tom Quiner

Liberals want a single payer healthcare system in America.

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi laid the groundwork for a total nationalization of our healthcare system with Obamacare. If it is not repealed, it is inevitable that we will transition from a quasi-private system to a totally public one. Obamacare will not work. It will make things worse as we are already seeing with rising insurance premiums.

Capitalism will be blamed. There will be tremendous political pressure to do something about it, and that will be to socialize medicine.

Barack Obama greased the skids by putting a socialist in charge of Medicare. Donald Berwick was another of President Obama’s recess appointments, because he knew Republicans would never approve a man who said (talking to the Brits about their nationalized system):

”I hope you will never, ever give up what you have begun.  I hope you realize and affirm how badly you need — how badly the world needs — an example at scale of a health system that is universal, accessible, excellent and free at the point of care — a health system that, at its core is like the world we wish we had: generous, hopeful, confident, joyous and just.”

Or …

“I am romantic about the National Health Service; I love it.”

Or his ode to rationing …

“You cap your health care budget, and you make the political and economic choices you need to make to keep affordability within reach.  You plan the supply; you aim a bit low; you prefer slightly too little of a technology or a service to too much; then you search for care bottlenecks and try to relieve them.”

Or his acknowledgement that Sara Palin was correct when she characterized Obamacare has having death panels:

“The decision is not whether or not we will ration care, the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

Great Britain and Canada both have universal healthcare. Let’s compare them with our system using data supplied by Investor’s Business Daily.

What is the percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis?

√ 65% U.S.

46% England

42% Canada

What is the percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months?

√ 93% U.S.

43% Canada

15% England

What is the percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months?

√ 90% U.S.

43% Canada

15% England

What is the percentage referred to a medical specialist who saw one within one month?

√ 77% U.S.

43% Canada

40% England

What is the number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people?

√ 71 U.S.

18 Canada

15 England

What is the percentage of seniors (65+) with low income, who say they are in “excellent” health?

√ 12% U.S.

6% Canada

2% England

Barack Obama and his party would like to move us towards a system like Canada’s and England’s. Mitt Romney has promised to either repeal or gut Obamacare.

In light of the data above, would you prefer to get cancer in the U.S., England, or Canada?


  1. Ankeny Conservative on October 19, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    You need to share this information with the Des Moines Register. They’ve printed your stuff before. You need to do this BEFORE the election. Before it is too late.

    BTW, I was home sick from teaching today, so on my way to dropping my son off for band this morning, I stopped by a red box and picked up 2016. After a 5 hour nap, where my migraine mostly cleared off, I watched the movie, and I was stunned. How does the general public NOT know what is in that movie? If independents and undecideds watch that movie, this will be a landslide in Mitt’s favor. And Mitt will owe D’Souza a debt he cannot repay.

    shawn from Ankeny

    • quinersdiner on October 19, 2012 at 2:35 pm

      Shawn: The Register doesn’t run everything I send their way. They took a pass on a couple of what I thought were strong, analytical pieces. I’m appreciative that they have run a half-dozen of my pieces since April. I’m hoping to get one more in before the election, but I’m not sure this is the subject I want to pursue.

      Regarding the movie, I think 2016 is doing pretty well. A lot of people see Obama for what he is, who didn’t see it before. He is running on nothing except tax increases for the most productive Americans. I think Romney is going to win, and even win big.