The murky transparency of the Obama Government

I read a letter to the editor in my local newspaper a few days ago applauding the coming Obamanet, aka “net neutrality.”

I scratched my head in bewilderment.

Why would anyone cheer new government regulations when the government pointedly has NOT released the 300+ report which details what they intend to do?

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Beware a single payer system

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi laid the groundwork for a total nationalization of our healthcare system with Obamacare. If it is not repealed, it is inevitable that we will transition from a quasi-private system to a totally public one.

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A radical controls a budget larger than the Pentagon’s

By Tom Quiner The healthcare of one out of three Americans is controlled by a radical. I wrote about this man, Donald Berwick, in my Quiner Diner’s post on May 26th.  You can read about his radical health care ideas there.  Here is the essence of his philosophy: “I am romantic about the National Health…

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