Black Friday

By Tom Quiner

You have a choice

I will not participate in Black Friday.

It gets in the way of my Thanksgiving weekend. If you choose to do so, that is fine with me.

I make these remarks in light of a posting I saw on Facebook this morning:

“Corporate greed is wrecking Thanksgiving for so many low wage retail workers & for consumers who feel pressure to shop for the crazy “bargains”. It’s a serious bummer.”

This friend of mine is a liberal, and I will add, a very fine lady.

I would simply respond that no one has to participate in Black Friday if they don’t want to. We are not puppets on a string. We have a free will to shop or not to shop.

Regarding low wage retail workers, they have a job. That counts for a lot these days. This job will lead to another one. However, many of them will find their hours cut back or their jobs eliminated as Obamacare kicks in. As we’ve posted before, Obamacare mandates expensive, gold-plated insurance coverage on even low-wage employees working over 30 hours per week.

Many retailers cannot afford to pay this much, pricing their employees out of jobs.

What we have is this: corporations give us free choice; big government doesn’t.

Skip Black Friday or attend, but don’t tell me you were forced to do it by anyone but yourself.

Try skipping Obamacare and you’ll be fined … or worse.