What more could a Biden tell-all book reveal about the man, anyway?!

By Tom Quiner


Would you rather receive your 100th political robo call of the week … or some straight forward news from NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller?

Give me Jodi!

Here’s this week’s stories with a much-needed humorous twist:

√ Jodi’s scariest Halloween ever.

√ Does anyone really need to write a tell-all book about Biden?

√ Obama’s new, more mature, ad campaign.

√ Al Gore’s TV network up for sale.

√ Is woman-eating cannibal anti woman?

√ Will Hillary stay on at the State Department?

√ Rap artist gets into gun trouble.

√ How to get your face slapped in San Francisco.

Have a great weekend. Be sure to vote next week (if you’re a Republican)!