Woman arrested for having sex with skeleton

By Tom Quiner


If you’re a conservative and still depressed about President Obama’s re-election, I have just the tonic for you: Jodi Miller.

It’s Friday! Thank goodness. Time for a few laughs.

NewsBusted’s crackerjack reporter, Jodi Miller, will blow the lid off of liberal hypocrisy with her delicious wit. Get ready to laugh with these groundbreaking “scoops:”

√ Guess which pledge Obama revoked?

√ Eric Holder will remain as Attorney General, unless the media decides to start reporting on his department.

√ Wow! China plans to build world’s tallest building in 90 days!

√ Why Illinois wants to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

√ MSNBC’s version of “fair & balanced!”

√ Liberals disagree with Pope on when Jesus was born.

√ E-mails emerging about the death and burial of Bin Laden.

√ Woman arrested for having sex with skeleton.

Life is too short to remain somber. Spend a few minutes with Jodi Miller as a quick reminder that conservatives are the sane ones.