The meaning of life on display

By Tom Quiner


Six-hundred fifty thousand people are marching on behalf of life this very second in Washington D.C.


Because they believe life has meaning.

The March for Life is dominated by youth. What do they know that the Obama administration doesn’t? They understand that life is vital, not disposable, not a disease as suggested by an administration that demands taxpayers to foot the bills to reduce and eliminate “unwanted” human life.

Interestingly, the pro abortion movement is dominated by an aging cadre of liberal women from the 60s.

On the other hand, the pro life movement is gushing with youth who see the value of human life from the instant of conception.

The Gallup Poll shows a record number of Americans consider themselves “pro life.”

Life and love are linked by creation. In a marriage, two become one. That joining of souls creates a new life, a couple. The union of their flesh has the potential to create a new human life.

Life. Love. Creation.

I think of the Catholic Mass. At the consecration, ordinary bread and wine become something new. They become Christ.

This act of creation unleashes God’s ultimate source of Life and Love, the body and blood of Christ.

I think of Christ’s marriage to his bride, His Church. Again, a beautiful act of creation that has been the source of Life and Love for 2000 years of human history.

I am thrilled at the sight of 650,000 lovers of life standing tall on behalf of the little guy: the preborn.

Shame on the rich and powerful who use their vast resources to prevent these little people from enjoying the same rights as everyone else.

They are blind to the meaning of life found in every act of creation.

Thanks to all of the honorable young and old and in-between standing tall for human life at the 2013 March for Life.

Their efforts put the meaning of life on display: Life has meaning.