The devastating power of prayer

By Tom Quiner

Something big is happening right now.

It goes by two names:

1. 40 Days for Life

2. 40 Days of Hell

The name depends on your perspective. In one hour I will be praying in front of Planned Parenthood on Army Post Road from 10AM til noon. For my Des Moines readers, please join us.

The power of prayer can’t be stopped!

We are part of a national movement called 40 Days for Life.

We don’t protest in front of Planned Parenthood. We pray.

We don’t shout. We won’t do our bathroom work on their sidewalk. And we won’t take our clothes off. That’s another movement that does that kind of stuff.

We simply pray for God to protect the women who enter Planned Parenthood. We pray for Christ to protect the babies many carry in their wombs.

We pray for the Holy Trinity to change hearts, whether it is the heart of a mother or father contemplating an abortion, or the heart of the abortionist about to commit one.

Does it work?

Evidently so. PP is closing clinics throughout the country in just about all states, except for Massachusetts, Washington, and Utah.

Here in Iowa, they closed their Storm Lake clinic last year and two more this year. Interestingly, it closed after 40 Days for Life smothered their clinic with prayers a year ago.

Do you know who led that prayer effort? Sue Thayer, the former director of that very clinic, someone whose eyes were opened to the lie that is Planned Parenthood. Former PP executives have characterized the experience of seeing women and men praying outside of their clinic as “hell.”  Forty days of hell. They know in their hearts that what they are doing is wrong, and it is painful to be called out on it by such an act of love, as is prayer.

Something big is happening right now. The power of prayer can’t be stopped.

Join the movement. Join me at Planned Parenthood this morning from 10AM to noon on Army Post Road across the street from the Southridge Mall.

If you can’t come, please offer up a prayer on behalf of our preborn brothers and sisters. Send me your prayers. They mean a lot.

Thank-you, I appreciate it. So do the kids.