The arrogance of the technocrat

By Tom Quiner

Barack Obama is a technocrat.

He believes that an elite few with superior sophistication and intelligence can construct a better healthcare system, a better economy, a better mousetrap for the “little people.”

Obama's technocrats know what's best for the little guy

Obama’s technocrats know what’s best for the little guy

His crowning achievement has been Obamacare, a system so convoluted it would make Rube Goldberg blush. No one understands it. The folks charged with designing the new “exchanges” which have to be ready to roll by January 1st admit it’s going to be a “third-world” quality product.

The president and his band of technocrats have poured millions of new regulations at the economy. Raised taxes. Expanded the complexity of government. Overspent.

Have their ministrations helped the economy?

No. Unemployment remains so high that it is now being dubbed the “new normal,” suggesting that the issue is the times in which we live.

The percentage of people in the work force has dropped to a fifty year low.

Middle class incomes have plummeted. Heck, the middle class is dying.

GDP growth is tepid.

College kids can’t find jobs.

The number of people on food stamps hit record levels.

Social Security is signing up folks for disability faster than you can say “rubber stamp.”

So, the Obama technocrats are obviously floundering. What does a technocrat do when his Rube Goldberg approach to the economy doesn’t work? Why, he brings in more Goldbergs. Here’s what the Technocrat-in-chief said:

“Today I’ve invited some of the smartest people in the country, some of the most imaginative and effective researchers in the country — some very smart people to talk about the challenge that I issued in my State of the Union address:  to grow our economy, to create new jobs, to reignite a rising, thriving middle class by investing in one of our core strengths, and that’s American innovation.”

The mindset of a technocrat is that jobs are created from the top down, with the wave of the technocrat’s wand.

In fact, jobs are created in small businesses from the bottom up, as long as government doesn’t place too many impediments in the path of the entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing a technocrat loves to do more than place obstacles in the path of the innovators.

Obama correctly observed that …

“Ideas are what power our economy.  It’s what sets us apart.  It’s what America has been all about.  We have been a nation of dreamers and risk-takers; people who see what nobody else sees sooner than anybody else sees it.  We do innovation better than anybody else — and that makes our economy stronger.  When we invest in the best ideas before anybody else does, our businesses and our workers can make the best products and deliver the best services before anybody else.”

So why is the economy so bad with such a brilliant man sitting in the White House? Look at what Mr. Obama said in the last sentence above: “When WE invest in … “. Government (taxpayers) are the ones who need to spend the money on innovation, not the individual entrepreneur.

The technocrat wants government to pick the winners and losers based on their personal fads, such as solar energy (ever heard of Solyndra?) and high speed trains, ideas that are not sustainable in the marketplace without subsidy.

A zillion decisions are made in the marketplace every single day by 300 million Americans. Government involvement distorts decision making. The technocrat inevitably breeds perverse incentives in the marketplace, because no technocrat is smarter than a free market with its built-in self-correcting mechanism, which is called supply and demand.

If the Technocrat-in-Chief is serious about creating jobs, he should get government out of the business of picking winners and losers. He should cut back excessive government regulations strangling industry. Then he should review those cuts and cut back even more.

He should reduce the capital gains tax which strangles new businesses. Jobs in this country are not being created by big business; they’re being created by small ones.

And if he’s really serious about growing this economy, he’d get rid of Obamacare.

He won’t. He and his fellow liberal technocrats know what’s best for us. They know how we should spend our money, what size sodas we should buy, what kind of birth control we should use, and if we’re not using it, well, we should be.

America will continue its erosion as long as the technocrats rule.



  1. horsam on April 12, 2013 at 4:39 am

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  2. oarubio on April 30, 2013 at 12:45 pm

    A strange irony here: Satan, who is not infinite, keeps trying to possess people and ends up making a mess, but which still falls short of the utter disaster he hopes for. God, the Infinite One, allows free will and, in the end, it always ends up for the best!

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