What’s wrong with the African-American community?

By Tom Quiner

Unemployment in the black community is double that in the white community.

It’s been this way for half a century.

Unemployment for black teenage males fluctuates from 40 to 50%.

Over half of all black babies are aborted.

The fertility rate for blacks continues its precipitous decline to the point where it is now well below replacement level. The black community is slowly dying one abortion at a time.

About 7 out of 10 African-American babies are born out of wedlock (a somewhat antiquated term these days). Contrast this with 1 out of 4 black babies born out of wedlock in 1960.

Kids born in single parent homes are more likely to do worse in school, get involved with drugs, get arrested, get pregnant young, get arrested, be unemployed, and die a violent death.

Did I say get arrested?

There is no debate on the increase in social pathology in kids born into this situation. Is it any wonder the entire black community is at risk?

The founder of Black Entertainment Television, Bob Johnson, is understandably upset, as expressed in these remarks to the National Press Club:

“This country would never tolerate white unemployment at 14 and 15 percent. No one would ever stay in office at 14 or 15 percent unemployment in this nation, but we’ve had that double unemployment for over 50 years.”

Let us mull over this statement.

Nine out of ten black voters vote Democrat.

What do Democrats offer blacks? Let me count the ways.

They push for a higher minimum wage, which prices low skill black workers, especially younger ones, out of the marketplace. When they can’t get a job, they join a gang, run afoul of the law, and maybe even die.

Liberal policies trap black school kids into lousy public schools, and block Republican school choice initiatives that would open the door to better schools for these kids. Mr. Johnson blames some of the problem on the “failure of the education system for minorities/African-Americans.”

And yet it is Democrats who stymie change.

Democrats support Planned Parenthood and their relentless push to build more clinics in the inner city, which increases the quantity of abortions in the black community.

This is good for blacks? Of course not, it is a tragedy of epic proportions.

There is a time-tested formula for avoiding poverty: Graduate from high school. Get a job, any job. Start a family within the confines of marriage in your twenties.

There is a time-tested formula to fall into poverty: drop out of high school; start having out-of-wedlock babies in your teens.

Liberal policies haven’t worked, have they? The crowning achievement of the first black president is to increase the number of blacks on food stamps.

I’d rather have more blacks with jobs, wouldn’t you?

My advice to Mr. Johnson would be for him to use his platform to encourage blacks to rethink their political loyalties.