Truth-in-advertising for the human abortion industry

By Tom Quiner

“I don’t support the bill unless it goes both ways.”

This is what I heard from a pro lifer in response to my previous post, “Democrats try to shut down fake reproductive clinics.”

Democrats are calling for a sort of truth-in-advertising bill that requires pro life health clinics to state that they do NOT perform abortions, something like this: WARNING: This clinic does not offer human abortion services.

If the bill went both ways, then human abortion clinics would be forced to put warnings on their ads, much like cigarette companies do.

The warnings might go something like this:

WARNING: Human abortion kills a human being.

WARNING: Human abortion may be hazardous to your reproductive health.

WARNING: Human abortion may be hazardous to your mental health.

WARNING: You may regret your abortion the rest of your life.

Considering that human abortion has been more harmful to women and their babies than smoking ever was, warnings like these make a great deal of sense.