“I … am … not … dumb”

By Tom Quiner


American culture has done an about face on the foundational principle of America.

Today, nearly half of the country insist that we no longer have a God-given right to Life. Our life may legally be taken from us anytime  during our first nine months of existence. A common reason to end the life of a fellow human being is because he or she is imperfect.

For example, approximately 95% of all human beings with Downs Syndrome are terminated through human abortion.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller

I saw an inspiring video on Facebook today. I couldn’t embed it directly in this post, but click on the Helen Keller link above to view it on YouTube.

Although Helen Keller wasn’t born without sight or hearing, she lost these senses as a baby due to a devastating illness. Through a combination of human ingenuity, persistence, and compassion, her teacher, Anne Sullivan, taught Helen to talk and communicate with the world.

In this tragic era that is characterized by the casual disposability of humanity, a modern day Helen Keller would probably not been allowed to be born if her parents became aware of this disability while she was in the womb.

The Democratic Party would vigorously defend the parent’s right to end her life. There is no debate on the subject.

Ironically, Ms. Keller used her life to advance a radical Leftist ideology, including an embrace of socialism. I’m not sure that even a Helen Keller could have foreseen that this very political philosophy would become champions of a form of eugenics that is wiping the flawed off the face of the earth before they can even take their first breath.

Watch the video at the link above.

Listen to Ms. Keller’s thrilling words at the end of the clip.

Then stop and think of all the Helen Kellers who have been aborted.