Fox to announce new way to deliver the news

By Tom Quiner


God invented laughter.

Many liberals do no believe in God. I shall prove His existence: it’s Friday; it’s time for Jodi Miller; it’s time to laugh!

Jodi is ace investigative reporter for NewsBusted. She delivers the news with tongue-in-cheek, always poking a little fun at our misguided friends on the Left. Jodi’s take on the news is a delightful way to end the week.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh! So, get ready to experience proof of God’s existence with her side-splitting delivery on these hot stories:

√ Both Democrats and Republicans have votes for the amnesty bill.

√ How Dems will punish those who don’t vote for amnesty.

√ Dems want to redefine definition of ‘what is a journalist.’

√ Liberals’ response to the success of guns of suppressing crime.

√ Celebrating “International people over 40 Day!”

√ The price of a Volt has been slashed!

√ Fox to announce new way to deliver the news.

√ Simon Cowell gets best friend’s wife pregnant.

If God didn’t invent laughter, who did? Don’t tell me it’s Obama!

Have a great weekend!  Take it away, Jodi!