Is evangelical atheism sputtering?

By Tom Quiner

The high priest of the religion of atheism is falling out of favor with his flock.

Scientist and writer, Richard Dawkins, is noted for his smug put downs of Catholics in particular, and Christians in general.

He evangelizes his followers to publicly humiliate Catholics for their belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Mr. Dawkins’ preening superiority is even wearing thin with his fellow atheists.

Writing in the Telegraph, Matthew Norman, a self-proclaimed atheist himself, hammers on Mr. Dawkins’ for his growing insufferability:

“I write as one who became a devout atheist at the age of nine, and has encountered nothing since – with the two exceptions of the globe artichoke and the mango – that hints at the work of an intelligent super-being. And yet whenever I hear Dawkins on the car radio, spluttering lividly at the stupidity of those who cannot see the truth as clearly as he does, the instinct is to do a handbrake turn and drive like a maniac to the nearest church, synagogue, temple or mosque.

He preaches so conceitedly, and with such poisonously illiberal scorn for those who follow the great faiths, that I want to worship alongside every one of them. While the new Pope seems a genuinely holy kinda guy, and the new Archbishop of Canterbury an absolute sweetheart, Dawkins is more repressively dogmatic than the Ayatollahs.

Give him such comedy props as a milky eye and a hook, and he’d come across as crazier than Abu Hamza.”

Is this a sign that the evangelical atheism movement is beginning to sputter?

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