REVEALED: The REAL reason George Zimmerman’s wife is filing for divorce

By Tom Quiner


It’s Friday the 13th, which means you are in luck. It’s time for some fun.

It’s time for some hard hittin’ journalism.

It’s time for Jodi MIler, cracker jack reporter for NewsBusted, the conservative news outlet that lovingly reports on the foibles of our liberal brothers and sisters.

Boy, does Jodi have some scoops on this fine Friday:

√ If white politicians don’t support a black president who wants to bomb brown people in Syria, is that racist?

√ Obama’s Syria policy compared to Obamacare.

√ Why Pelosi thinks we need to bomb Syria.

√ Why Assad wishes he had attacked the American Embassy in Benghazi instead of his own people.

√ Why pundits were shocked that McCain was caught playing video poker on his iPhone.

√ How the MSM covered union defections from Obamacare.

√ The season is already over for this NFL team!

√ Why George Zimmerman’s wife is filing for divorce.

Relax. It’s Friday the 13th. Time for some fun. Have a great weekend!