The world has caught on to Obama

By Tom Quiner

An historian ruminates on how Barack Obama got us into this Syrian mess.

Victor Davis Hanson is a highly regarded historian and social critic. His philosophy is rooted in classicism. He offers a concise, damning critique of the man who thinks he can control the tides:

“How did Obama get himself into this mess? It was bound to happen, given his past habits. All we are seeing now is the melodramatic fulfillment of vero possumus, lowering the rising seas, faux Corinthian columns, hope and change, the bows, the Cairo speech, and the audacity of hope. Hubris does earn Nemesis …

… After five years of this, the world caught on, and sees juvenile and narcissistic petulance in lieu of statesmanship—and unfortunately a sinister Putin takes great delight in reminding 7 billion people of this fact almost daily. In terms of geostrategic clout, Obama has nullified the power of his eleven aircraft-carrier battle groups, Putin through his shrewd insight and ruthless calculation of human nature, has added five where they didn’t exist.”

Barack Obama has nearly three and half years left in office. That can be an eternity in politics. Somehow, it seems even longer.