‘Russian collusion’ paradox

By Tom Quiner Does anything strike you as odd about Democrats’ assertion that President Trump colluded with the Russians? For whatever reason? Set aside that Hillary’s campaign paid Christoper Steele to dig up dirt from the Russians on Donald Trump. Set aside that the Steele dossier has been discredited. Set aside that the Steele dossier…

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No one will accuse Trump of not having backbone

The interminably repeated left-wing lie that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are in cahoots has exploded. With Trump’s military attack on Assad and verbal attacks on Russia, that claim has been shown to be what those with a little common sense knew it to be: a baseless, wholly made-up conspiracy theory meant to explain an election loss with which Democrats still haven’t come to grips. In fact, President Trump has shown more backbone with Russia in his first 100 days in office than President Obama did in eight years.

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Individual freedom is priceless

“The story of human progress is striving, dreaming and sacrificing for a better future. Instead of believing that happy, successful individuals make for a successful society, socialism insists that a perfectly functioning system will produce happy individuals.”

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Keep your eye on Carly Fiorina

“Like Hillary Clinton, I too have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. But unlike her, I’ve actually accomplished something. You see, Mrs. Clinton, flying is not an accomplishment, it is an activity.”

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QUIZ: What enrages Obama?

It’s hard to get under President Obama’s skin.

He prides himself in keeping his cool. Even when he intones sharp words, he delivers them with a calm exterior that reveals minimal passion.

That’s what makes Bret Stephens’ piece in today’s Wall Street Journal so fascinating. Mr. Stephens writes a regular column for the WSJ called Global View. Evidently, the president is enraged over one particular issue.

Just one.

Of the following issues, guess which one has Mr. Obama enraged?

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Obama’s flea flicker

I remember it like it was yesterday. Earl Morrall handed the ball off to halfback, Tom Matte, at the Jet’s 41 yard line. Matte swept right. What happened next was a disaster…

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The world has caught on to Obama

… After five years of this, the world caught on, and sees juvenile and narcissistic petulance in lieu of statesmanship—and unfortunately a sinister Putin takes great delight in reminding 7 billion people of this fact almost daily …

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