A day in the life on Facebook

999177_215622648594816_1841485095_nBy Tom Quiner

“Shame on Teapublicans like Tom Quiner that think that wanting a Democratic Congress in 2014 can be separated from the outrage we all suffer because of the government shutdown and the sequester.”

This was the final salvo from a Facebook contact who disagreed with my politics.
Here’s the background. I don’t know this woman, other than she is Catholic and we have a couple of common friends.
She posted the poster above on her Facebook page.
I couldn’t resist:

“Actually, he did have a Democratic Congress when he was sworn in. The unemployment rate was 7.8%. It went up to 9.3%, and didn’t start dropping until Republicans took over the House in January of 2011, at which point it has declined to 7.3% today, which is still way too high. If we can repeal Obamacare, the economy can begin creating full-time jobs once again.”

She responded:

“So you are not in favor of those that have jobs and want to work but can’t because of the shutdown! Shame on you.”

She  responded again twelve seconds later:

“What would Pope Francis tell you?”

And again, this time only nine seconds later:

“The shutdown and sequester are putting back to those numbers and more.”

I calmly  responded:

“The shutdown is irrelevant to your poster above since I assume it refers to the long term jobless recovery under the Obama administration, as opposed to a short term and temporary government shutdown where government workers are going to receive backpay.”

Her reply:

“They can not be separated.”

I said:

“What would Pope Francis tell me? To be true to Catholic principle, which includes electing public officials who will stand up for the sanctity of life.”

The shrill level ratcheted up:

“So you’re in favor of joblessness, illness and oppression like all Teapublicans.”

And she got even shriller:

“You’d take my social security check of $1219.00 and my health care. And you call yourself a christian. NOT.”

At this point, my wife was calling me for dinner. I could tell this exchange would continue as long as I continued to respond, so I ended it with:

“Get help, Nancy.”

She wasn’t done, though:

“You are the one living in lala land.”

And again:

“The truth hurts; doesnt it?”

It finally ended with personal attack she made above as a brand new post.
I almost never initiate politics on Facebook. On very rare occasion, I will respond to someone else. This was one of those occasions.
I presented facts and figures and got back emotional personal attacks.
Another day in the life on Facebook.