By Tom Quiner

I received this press release from Iowa Right to Life:

“Abortion is *$*%*@ awesome!”  So screamed one young man at the more 60 people praying at the recent 40 Days for Life Kick-Off Rally in Ankeny.
The angry screams and gestures have intensified all across Iowa and our country. Yet, truthfully it only serves to strengthen our resolve, our dedication to standing on the sidewalks outside abortion clinics. It’s simply what we must do when we know babies are slated to be killed and their mothers irreparably damaged, emotionally if not physically too.
If you have joined a local prayer vigil, thank you.  Thank you for standing for life.  If you have not yet joined us, please consider doing so.  We can say with certainty – you will be changed.  You just might be the one that is used on an ordinary day to save a life.”

The expletive from the man probably made him feel good. “Boy, that really put them in their place,” may have been his mindset as he hurled his invective at the praying crowd at Planned Parenthood. And profanity is often a tool of the inarticulate.
He does pose an interesting question, don’t you think? An entire political party thinks abortion IS awesome. So what could possibly be awesome about abortion? I think the human abortion crowd would identify three “awesome” aspects of unfettered human abortion:
1. It is fair. After all, human abortion simply removes a fetus, not a person, from the womb. What is wrong with that? Even more, so many of these fetuses would be born into poverty and wouldn’t stand a chance in life. There is a certain fairness in saving these poor souls from a potential life in poverty.
2. It is just. Men have been able to shirk the responsibilities of procreation down through the ages. Human abortion justly liberates women, in essence leveling the playing field between genders.
3. It is logical. The world has too many people and limited resources. Human abortion is an effective population control mechanism. Even more, much of the social pathology in America sadly emanates from within the African-American community. With over half of all African-American fetuses being aborted, human abortion is a politically-correct and pragmatic way to thin out this problematic sector of our population. And it is being done voluntarily by the African-American community itself. Their birth rate has fallen below replacement level in fulfillment of Margaret Sanger’s legacy.
But is human abortion fair? Why isn’t a fetus a person? He or she has human DNA. Cells are dividing and growing from the instant of conception, so he or she is a living being. It is the obligation of those who think human abortion is awesome to prove that the fetus ISN’T a person, not the other way around.
Is human abortion just? Why should biological differences between men and women be an excuse to kill an innocent bystander, the preborn human being thriving in the mother’s womb?
Is human abortion really logical? In fact, fertility birth rates are in decline in much of the first world. Some demographers suggest the world’s population will peek in fifty years and then begin to decline. Even more, black genocide in the U.S. is an obscenity. The same people who think human abortion is *$*%*@ awesome ignore this tragedy unfolding in our neighborhoods on a daily basis.
No, human abortion is not *$*%*@ awesome.

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  1. JoeC on October 10, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    “He or she has human DNA. Cells are dividing and growing from the instant of conception, so he or she is a living being.”
    A malignant tumor meets those requirements. A removed tumor is not a living being. Your hair and fingernails contains human DNA. That doesn’t make the clippings left on the floor living beings.
    Have you read about this case?

    • quinersdiner on October 10, 2013 at 7:50 pm

      Malignant tumors kill. The preborn don’t. I can’t believe you’re equating the two.

      • d. knapp on October 13, 2016 at 8:33 pm

        My own girl had a powerful heartbeat at 6 wks. It was the same rate and rhythm of a term baby. We experienced problems very early on and a examination found her doing well and showing great strength at 6 wks. If that wasn’t a human heart, what kind was it. That is the question I want Mr. Joe to answer.

    • Shawn Pavlik on October 11, 2013 at 1:42 pm

      If a pre-born child is not a life, why was Scott Petersen charged and convicted of TWO counts of murder for killing his pregnant wife?

    • d. knapp on October 13, 2016 at 8:29 pm

      Those things do not have hearts and brains. The fetus DOES. Did you know that babies born at just 5 mos. now frequently survive to have minimal health issues? Have you seen a 3 mos fetus? It is a tiny human w/ the physical aspects of a term baby that make them so cute. The lungs are the issue at that point. Are good lungs the defining characteristic of a human? Man, that sounds bad for a lot of adults living on oxygen. When is it that YOU b/c a human? Is there some point at which you would be ok w/ you being killed in your mom’s womb? The fact is these procedures are being carried out more for the convenience of the men than even the women. Often the women do it as a way to seek revenge on a man who has wronged them. Is this ok w/ you? As an RN of 28 yr experience, the number of pregnancies that must be ended for medical reasons is VERY FEW. If the mom caries past the 3rd month (when it can start to b/c physically difficult/dangerous, then the baby only needs another few weeks to be able to live outside the mom. The 1st trimester is not typically dangerous. Afterwards the child is very close to being viable outside of the womb. Does this sound like something that should be taken as just a mom’s right to control her body? She is killing another viable body at 5mos and an obvious baby at 3mos. There is little to no risk prior to that. Many don’t know they are pregnant at 2mos. I took care of a woman who has had 5 of these terrible procedures. Her mind was absolutely shot and she was stressed and depressed beyond belief. This is NOT an appendectomy. This is NOT the removal of a lump of tissue. One should see the devastation this has on women’s minds to know that it is not something to be done for convenience. The rate of suicide and depression among the women who experience this is so much higher than the rest of the female adult population. If you really just want it to be ok to kill babies, nothing said will change your mind, but you need to know the nonsensical argument that it’s just tissue and a woman’s body is just THAT…nonsensical rhetoric.I have seen the miscarriages of 3 mos fetuses. It’s very sad for the staff as it looks like a frail baby…not a lump of DNA or tissue.

  2. JoeC on October 10, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    That is my point. Your narrow definition of what it means to be human using DNA does not stand up by itself. What it means to be human has been discussed for millennium and there still is no definitive answer.

    • quinersdiner on October 10, 2013 at 9:53 pm

      What’s narrow about it? Prove that the preborn aren’t human. In the name of humanity, we should err on the side of caution, not death.

      • JoeC on October 10, 2013 at 11:06 pm

        Since the law comes down on the side of the pro-abortion people, the proof is up to those who want to change the law. The pro-abortion side do not see abortion as murder as you do. If they did, Roe v Wade would not exist.
        A human fetus has the potential to become a human being. The mother is a human being. That distinction seems to be where they base their case.

      • Shawn Pavlik on October 11, 2013 at 1:41 pm

        We have had unjust laws passed and decided upon since our founding. Or do you think counting a black person as 3/5 of a person is okay? Do you think forcing blacks to sit at separate counters is okay? Admittedly, these laws, and others, have been changed, but the biology is there to show that a pre-born child IS human (DNA is sufficient) and IS alive (it grows, digests, reacts to its environment, etc.) and therefore IS a HUMAN LIFE.

    • lburleso on October 11, 2013 at 10:08 am

      Joe –
      What is your definition of being human?
      Do all adult humans have the same human rights?

  3. “Abortion is *$*%*@ awesome!” | churchbus71 on October 13, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    […] “Abortion is *$*%*@ awesome!”. […]

    • quinersdiner on July 27, 2014 at 11:07 am

      Great thought exercise. Compelling logic.

  4. xPraetorius on July 27, 2014 at 10:19 am

    Also, if something is true it’s always true…not selectively true. Always, at all times, no exceptions.
    A little thought exercise:
    Put a staunch pro-death person, a staunch pro-life person, and a staunch pro-death pregnant woman in the same room. Tell them they have to resolve the abortion argument so that they are unanimous, in agreement, before they can come out. You’ll send in food, clothing and other necessities, but they can’t come out until they are — all three — in unanimous agreement.
    I really don’t think I have to finish the exercise, because in setting it up — and it’s a perfectly reasonable setup — our side, the pro-life side, the side of all that is good and decent 🙂 , has already won. Even though I set it up to the apparent disadvantage of the pro-life side.
    Most people realize that the following things would happen:
    1. The three would debate/argue/discuss. The “debate” takes the usual form: developing human life vs. choice and “reproductive rights.” Neither side would sway the other.
    2. The developing baby would continue to develop.
    3. As the months pass, and the developing baby grows bigger, the pregnant woman begins to lose some of her enthusiasm for abortion. After all, it’s starting to be just a bit unseemly talking about killing “it” while “it’s” busy obviously growing and being all baby-like inside her.
    4. At the end of nine months, as the argument continues, there is some business to attend to: “It” wants to come out and join in. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that the newborn baby joins on the pro-life side. 🙂
    5. Out he or she comes — let’s call him “Michael” — and the argument continues.
    Note: If a truth is true, then it’s always true. And it’s still true as the newborn baby joins in on the argument, though not using a whole lot of words. Still, just the very presence of a baby — trust me, I know — is a powerful thing.
    6. Now, the woman is torn. She knows what she once believed, but that belief is profoundly shaken with the arrival of little Mikey, who’s just mondo cute! She has serious difficulty arguing that her previous “truth” is now true. The pro-death position that before grew increasingly unseemly, as Mikey developed inside her, now seems grotesque, repugnant. But, how can that be? The truth is the truth is the truth. It’s not sometimes true. What kind of a truth would that be if it were only sometimes true? If it’s true, as Mikey was developing, then it’s still true as he looks up at Mommy and giggles at her silly faces and nonsense words. The pro-life dude gently makes the point that no one in the world can know perfectly, if at all, just when it’s okay to kill Mikey and when it’s not. More to the point. If after that point, the pro-death dude is ,I>still pro-death, then he has to admit that he’s saying it’s still okay to “abort” Mikey — even as he looks up at Mommy and gurgles and laughs. This is the ineluctable “logic” of the pro-abortion crowd. They’ll never admit it, though, because they haven’t thought through it completely. And, yes, there are people in Europe who propose that a woman should be able to have a post-natal “abortion” if she so chooses… only in cases of birth defects and the like, of course. (Yeah, right!) Before the 1940’s such people were actually quite fashionable. They were called “eugenicists” and “Nazis.” Later, we came to look down on the once fashionable idea of killing the “defective” for the convenience of others. Now, they’re coming back into vogue in Europe.
    7. Now, there are three pro-life people in the room, and one pro-death one. The pro-death one, if he has any conscience whatsoever, recognizes that life itself just gave him a demonstration of the feebleness and decrepitude of his previous position.
    8. Four pro-life people then emerge from the room.
    It’s difficult to imagine any other dénouement to that perfectly reasonable thought exercise. You may say that I stacked the deck against the pro-death dude, to which I’d respond, “You can’t beat a baby in an argument? Furthermore, if your point-of-view is so evidently true, it shouldn’t take more than a week or two to convince the pro-life dude of the error of his ways. What are you worried about?!?”
    This little thought exercise is just the “re-creation,” if you will of a very wise thing I read once. It said: “You can argue about abortion all you want, just don’t do it for more than nine months.”
    — x

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