"Hillary should be president of the universe!"

By Tom Quiner

Democrats and Republicans are at each other’s throats.
What can possibly unite them?
How about a little news-based humor, brought to you by NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller! Democrats like to laugh at them selves. Otherwise, why would they act the way they do?
And Republicans like to laugh at Democrats. What a match made in heaven! Jodi has news, and lots of it:

√ Good news! MSM tells us Obama is doing a great job with the economy!
√ More people will die early due to Obamacare.
√ Gushing liberal: “Hillary should be president of the universe!”
√ Shock! Money missing from Obama slush fund.
√ NBC takes a week off to promote Obamacare.
√ Ted Turner calls for a ban on male politicians.
√ Good news: no global warming for the past fifteen years!
√ Al Qaida launches new twitter account.

The weekend is upon us. Kick back. Relax with a few laughs.
Take it away, Jodi!