Liberals demand that the Vatican spell Jesus’ name correctly!

By Tom Quiner

Whooowee! We need to decompress a little after all the political drama of recent weeks.
Who  better to ground us than NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller?! Jodi has news, hot, juicy, breaking news with a conservative twist. Check out these stories:

√ MSM: Obama is winning the PR battle!
√ Sebellius promises improvements in Obamacare exchanges.
√ Michelle Obama stamp recalled!
√ Convicted Detroit mayor receives lenient sentence.
√ Why Democrats love the closing of our parks.
√ James Woods: “I’ll never work in Hollywood again for criticizing Obama.”
√ Republicans blamed for the breakup of Bruce Jenner’s marriage.
√ Liberals demand that the  Vatican spell Jesus’ name correctly!

Quiner’s Diner loves all of its liberal friends. Jodi Miller pays homage to them with some friendly ribbing.
The weekend is here. Relax with a few laughs.
Take it away, Jodi!