We can't afford Democrat's cure

By Tom Quiner

Here’s the premise: “give Obama a Democratic Congress and the jobs will come roaring back.”
This is the mantra of liberals, as discussed in my earlier post today.
Is it logical?
I don’t know, because Obama had a liberal, Democratic Congress (forgive the redundancy) his first two years in office. They pursued very specific legislative initiatives in their hope to revive the waning economy and create jobs:
√ The $1.2 Trillion Stimulus (not billion, that’s Trillion with a capital “T”)
√ Cash for clunkers
√ Obamacare
√ Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
It didn’t work. Just look at the chart above. The employment rate kept dropping and dropping and dropping despite Democrat’s attempt to stimulate the economy. Their approach is pretty simple: take money from taxpayers and give it to someone else. The hope:  recipients of taxpayer’s money will take the money and spend it on a new car or something and jobs will begin to sprout up.
Did it work? Not really. Take Cash-for-Clunkers. Forty-five percent of the folks who took taxpayer money were going to buy a new car anyway. You and I simply subsidized them.
Cash for Clunkers boosted auto sales by 360,000 vehicles in July and August in 2009, and none thereafter. Many road-worthy vehicles were destroyed as a result of the program. The nation’s overall fuel economy was boosted by only .65 miles per gallon.
In the meantime, the employment rate continued its slide.
Democrats had their shot. They increased the deficit by 5 TRILLION dollars in one term without reversing our jobless decline. Now, they suggest that the problem is that they didn’t SPEND MORE.
I’m dubious.
I’m not sure we can afford more of their cure.


  1. Monte B. Gray on October 14, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    Its’ easy to toss out numbers. To be fair you also have to include the drug plan that President Bush and Republicans pushed through in Bush’s last election. It costs us $100+ billion dollars a year fromt the last estimate I heard. Yet I hear nothing from either side to reduce this benefit. Then lets not even consider the 2 wars that were paid for with borrowed money.

    • quinersdiner on October 14, 2013 at 10:48 pm

      You’re not comparing apples to apples. I cited 4 programs Democrats claimed would benefit the economy and ultimately create jobs. They didn’t. The bi-partisan votes to go to war had nothing to do with job creation, but rather national defense. As far as the prescription drug plan, that too had nothing to do with job creation, nor was it ever claimed to be anything other than a way to provide affordable prescriptions for seniors. Honorable people can disagree on the relative merits and demerits of each of these, but no Republican said you should vote for any of this on the basis of creating jobs.