Good news for the president: Americans think he's merely inept, not a liar

By Tom Quiner

When a president loses the trust of the American people, he’s done.
President Obama was able to get Obamacare passed because it was early in his first term. The American people were still caught up in the emotion of “hope and change.”
Yes, yes, polls showed most Americans opposed Obamacare from the git go. But when it passed, they figured the president knew what he’s doing, let’s hope for the best.
Four years have passed. Obamacare is imploding before our eyes. Mr. Obama and his party promised three specific things about Obamacare; that it would lower health insurance prices; that it would insure all of the 47 million Americans without health insurance; and that if we like our current plan, we can keep it.
It is failing on all three fronts.
Cynical conservatives point the finger at the president with the damning accusation that he lied. The evidence IS overwhelming that he did.
But Americans don’t like to think in terms of their president being a bald-faced liar.
We have good news for President Obama. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has just been released. Fifty-six percent of Americans polled said our nation’s manager is simply a bad manager, not a liar.
Sixty-three percent disapprove of his performance managing the healthcare rollout, but don’t call him a liar.
Although  44 percent believe that Barack Obama DID lie to us, the majority of Americans, 52% to be exact, don’t think he did.
Rather, they think he is just a victim of ineptness.
The president can breath a sigh of relief.