A very politically-incorrect tweet

By Tom Quiner

Larry Elder is black.
Is that politically incorrect to say? Larry wouldn’t mind because he is also a conservative, just as I wouldn’t mind if you called me white. He knows that we fellow conservatives judge people by the content of their character, NOT the color of their skin.
In other words, he’s not offended by things that are not offensive, in contrast to liberals who seem to only be offended by the inoffensive.
Take the Washington Redskins controversy. President Obama says the team should change their name since it offends a group of people.
Larry Elder is a very sharp political columnist and commentator. He tweeted a wonderful response to our politically-correct president’s actions in South Africa yesterday:

“Obama said he’d change name “Redskins” to avoid offending Native Americans. How many Cuban-Americans were offended by the Raul handshake?”

Bravo, Larry!