Why is investing in Israel immoral but investing in Cuba is moral?

Here’s what is fascinating: the same folks who call for divestment in South Africa and Israel now call for investment in Cuba.

For more than three decades, our State Department has listed Cuba as a sponsor of terrorism. Here is what our government says about our neighbor to the south:

“Cuba has long provided safe haven to members of Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).”

Senator Marco Rubio, whose family was forced to flee Cuba, provided even more detail on their terrorist connections:

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Liberals’ love affair with Fidel revisited

Bonnie M. Anderson won seven Emmy Awards. She was finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. She has been nominated for the Maria Coors Cabot Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Columbia University.

Ms. Anderson, who is now president of the Anderson Media Agency, ran across my blogpost from last year that recounted her father’s death. She sent me this response:

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A very politically-incorrect tweet

Larry Elder is black.
Is that politically incorrect to say? Larry wouldn’t mind because he is also a conservative. He knows that we fellow conservatives judge people by the content of their character, NOT the color of their skin.
In other words, he’s not offended by things that are not offensive, in contrast to liberals who seem to only be offended by the inoffensive …

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Liberals’ love affair with Fidel

“If a man who murdered 20,000 people, imprisoned for decades hundreds of thousands of others, caused countless hundreds of thousands to flee the country (many losing their lives in desperate attempts to reach freedom on flimsy rafts) and has repressed a nation for nearly five decades – – denying them the most basic of human rights — is not considered a ruthless dictator by all, who the hell is?”

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“The system has sucked the life out of the people”

“I have no hope.” This is what a woman said to Bishop Richard Pates on his trip to Cuba with Pope Benedict last week. The Bishop said “Life is very hard … the system has sucked the life out of the people.” And yet American Democrats love Cuba and Fidel Castro. As the Chairperson of the Democratic Black Caucus said after her trip to Cuba, “The bottom line is President Castro is still charming, and our country still sucks.” Why is Cuba better than the U.S. in the eyes of so many Democrats? …

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