The little ones are winning

By Tom Quiner

Our littlest people are beating back the forces of liberalism that continue to kill them.
Some 55 million of our preborn have been killed since the Roe v Wade subverted the American principle that each of us has a fundamental right to our life.
Despite liberalism’s unwavering advocacy for unfettered human abortion, our little ones are turning the tide, as you can see in the chart above.
However, Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman cautions us not to beat up on the Church when things don’t happen as fast as we’d like. After all, there is good news in the fight against human abortion, as he revealed in his Facebook post earlier today:

“God answers prayers in His time. And in the last 10 years 71% of all abortion mills have closed, abortions have dropped almost 50%, and this year we will see a record 50+ abortion mills close. So here is the moral of the story. Pray hard, work hard, and watch God move. (And the sub-moral, is don’t hate on the Bride of Christ, b/c Jesus gets mad at that stuff!)?”

Here in Iowa, four Planned Parenthood clinics have already closed this year, and another two just reduced their hours to “zero.”
Big Abortion and their liberal allies are slowly losing their war on our little ones.