Who decides?

By Tom Quiner

What’s the difference between a liberal and a conservative?

One gaping difference is who determines if you’re a human being. Conservatives believe your life and mine is a fundamental, immutable, inalienable right at the instant of conception.

Some conservatives believe this right flows from God. Some don’t, but still embrace the principle that another human being doesn’t wield the power over you of determining whether you are man or beast; a human or a meaningless clump of cells.

Liberals believe that man determines your humanity, your dignity, your right to exist. Liberals believe that it is up to the mother to determine whether the clump of cells she carries in her womb deserves the dignity of birth, that your life and rights are contingent on another person.

The liberal philosophy brings to mind their view on slavery in a different era. A slave law written in 1662 said that “all children born in this country shall be held bond or free ONLY according to the condition of their mother.”

If the mother was free, you were free.

If your mother was a sub-human (slave), you, too, were sub-human.

Your humanity was contingent on someone else.

This whimsical definition of humanity allowed the powerful to steal the labor, the dignity, and the lives of weaker human beings.

Conservatism presents compelling arguments on subjects ranging from government to economics; from foreign policy to fiscal sanity. This blog has explored many of these issues.

However, if I disagreed with every single conservative principle, I would still be forced to reject liberalism on the basis of their repugnant, anti-life philosophy.

Humanity begins at the instant of conception. It should not be contingent on the powerful who profit from human abortion.