"Where is the public outrage?"

By Tom Quiner

A liberal is upset:

“Two articles juxtaposed in the Register seemed to sum up the situation in our nation today. One featured the sale of 190 homes in the Des Moines area priced above $500,000. The other cited the fact that working age people now make up the majority of households that rely on food stamps.
The old adage used to be that “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” but now it’s the rich get exorbitantly richer and the middle class and the poor get exorbitantly poorer.
Where is the public outrage?”

The letter appeared in the Des Moines Register.
I know the writer, and I’m perplexed.
Her party, the Democrats, have controlled the government since 2006. They have had ample opportunity to impose their policies on America to mitigate the writer’s outrage.
The liberal prescription over these past eight years has included massive new government regulations, a radical restructuring of health insurance with government firmly in control of our health, stunning increases in our nation’s debt, increases in welfare spending, unending unemployment benefits, staggering job stimulus spending, an increase in the minimum wage, a virtual shutdown of the coal industry, a blocking of the Keystone Pipeline, and tax increases on the super producers.
In other words, they’ve had their shot, and nothing works. The middle class continues to stagnate and decline.
So yes, where IS the outrage at the failed policies of the Obama Government? What does the president prescribe? More of the same!
The reason nothing is working seems to be, according to the president and his fellow liberals, that they simply need to spend more and tax the productive more.
Somehow, if only they can squeeze more money from the producers and redistribute it to green energy companies and other liberal cronies,  everything will fall into place.
What is amazing, even outrageous, are the people who blame everything on the Republicans who are out of power.
Liberals have learned from Mr. Obama. We don’t call him the “Blamer-in-Chief” for nothing.