The Abortion Industry is Losing their Base 1

Good news: human abortion rates are declining.

The Des Moines Register editorial on October 21st gives all the credit for this seeming decline to contraception use, and none to pro life organizations like Iowans for Life who have been in the trenches educating Iowa kids on the dignity of life for four decades. ( “Contraceptives, not extremists reduce abortion rates.)

Is the Register correct?

Not according to the people who work in the field of human abortion… More…


“I hate abortion” 3

The Des Moines Register supports all things liberal.

It is refreshing when they run a guest editorial from someone with a contrarian position to liberal orthodoxy.

The ran such a piece today. It was written by a guy named Steve Freking. Here’s an excerpt: More…

Hillary says e-mail scandal is all political 6

From the Des Moines Register this morning:

“With Iowa Democrat Tom Harkin at her side as a validator, Hillary Clinton said Saturday in Iowa that the email controversy surrounding her is all political, it’s not a matter that interests voters, and it won’t be a shadow that hurts her in the general election. “We’ll see how this all plays out, but it’s not anything that people talk to me about as I travel around the country,” the Democratic presidential candidate told reporters she’d gathered for a news conference at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday.” More…


The explosive story the news industry loves to ignore 4

An ‘explosive’ story ‘rages.’

These two colorful words were used by Des Moines Register reporter, Tony Leys, in his piece on Friday, July 17th: “Grassley investigates Planned Parenthood.”

In case you missed the reporting, here’s what happened… More…


The addled thinking of a liberal’s mind 3

Here’s another one of those letters.

You know the type. An indignant liberal bloviates about pro lifers’ lack of compassion for all of humanity, except for the pre born. That in order to be truly pro life, goes the thinking, you have to conform your thinking to mimic that of the priesthood of liberal elites… More…