By Tom Quiner

It is the first Friday of 2014. What better way to kick off this first weekend of the year than with some hard-hitting news from NewsBusted’s legendary, Jodi Miller.
This reporter, known for her conservative bite, takes a chomp out of liberal pride with these juicy morsels:
√ Why millions of Americans are celebrating the New Year.
√ Obama: “If you like your 2013, you can keep it!
√ Get ready for the liberal version of Christmas!
√ Why families with daughters are more likely to be Republicans.
√ Guess what new textbooks call Americans?
√ Miracle attributed to Pope Francis?!
√ The second biggest lie of the year (and it comes from Obama).
√ How it feels to be an Obama donor trying to get a government contract.
Live. Love. Laugh.
Take it away, Jodi Miller!

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