How Islam affects everyday life

By Tom Quiner

February 6th, ALGERIA: “A Berber dies after being assaulted by Muslims angered over a minority religious shrine.”

Yesterday, I stood in a long line in Las Vegas waiting to get through airport security. You know the routine. Take off your coat. Take off your shoes. Take off your belt. You’d better not have any aerosols in your carry-on or 3.5 ounce bottles of shampoo. Take your lap top out of your brief case. Go through an x-ray machine. Get groped by a stranger.
All of this happens to millions of people every day because of Islam, the “religion of peace.” Islamic terrorism has forced the civilized world to go to ridiculous security measures to reduce the killing of innocent human beings in the name of Allah.

February 5th, IRAQ: “A triple-bombing at an outdoor market leaves nine dead Shiites.”

The winter olympics are here. The story, of course, is will Islamic terrorists kill anyone? A “global jihad” has been declared against the Olympic games in Sochi, Russia,  by Egyptian-born al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri

February 4th, THAILAND: “Three boys, ages 6 to 9, are gunned down in front of their parents by Muslim terrorists.”

Nonie Darwish, author of ‘The Devil We Don’t Know; The Dark Side of Revolutions in the Middle East,” said the Olympics pose a threat to Islamic ideology:

“While the world is hungry for hope, unity, harmony and a peaceful future, Muslim jihadists plot to ruin it for everyone else. That is not a coincidence, because Olympic values of cooperation, brotherhood and respect between nations regardless of religion, color, national origin and gender strikes at the heart of the Islamic supremacist ideology.”

Writer Darwish suggests that Muslims fabricate grievances as a smokescreen to advance their power over people they wish to conquer:

“Fake grievances, causes and claims of oppression by the Chechnya rebels and their black widows are excuses to camouflage their jihadist aspirations and their inability to express themselves except through what they were trained to do as a sport: terror. Fair competition is not what the Islamic supremacists understand or are trained to do. What they want is world domination and special treatment because they are told it is their right as Muslims.”

What is interesting is that while Islam kills innocent children and women on a daily basis in the name of Allah, the United Nations seems more interested in castigating Israel and the Roman Catholic Church.
Ironically, while Judaism and Catholicism have made the world a markedly better place, Islam makes it worse on a daily basis.
I know that is politically-incorrect to say, but it is the truth.

February 3rd, NIGERIA: “Eighteen traders at a market are machine-gunned by Boko Haram Islamists.”