Liberals' "mealy-mouthed obfuscation" toward Cuba

By Tom Quiner

“I am going to torture you, Mr. Anderson. You are an enemy to my revolution. Before I kill you, I am going to drain most of the blood from your body for my medics to use on my wounded soldiers with your blood type.”

Fidel Castro may not have used these exact words before he killed Howard F. Anderson, but these words convey his actions and intent.
Fidel Castro is a murderer.
Although he is not in the same league with Hitler, Stalin, and Hussein, Castro has reportedly tortured and killed some 20,000 of his people during his and his brother’s inglorious reign.
Howard Anderson’s daughter made it to the United States where she became a reporter. Bonnie Anderson went on to win 7 Emmy awards with CNN and was a finalist for a  Pulitzer Prize. She is livid at the  gentle treatment Castro has received from liberals and the American media in recent decades.
Ms. Anderson sets the record straight on behalf of liberal Americans willing to ignore Castro’s grotesque record on human rights:

“If a man who murdered 20,000 people, imprisoned for decades hundreds of thousands of others, caused countless hundreds of thousands to flee the country (many losing their lives in desperate attempts to reach freedom on flimsy rafts) and has repressed a nation for nearly five decades – – denying them the most basic of human rights — is not considered a ruthless dictator by all, who the hell is? … But I have faith in my fellow American citizens. And I know, in my heart and spirit, that when the truth is known, those of us who have suffered at the hands of Fidel Castro will finally receive the compassion we are due.”

I bring up Castro since my own senator, Tom Harkin, recently visited Cuba and, of course, came back with a good report, announcing that Cuba is a …

“poor country, but they have a lower child mortality rate than ours. Their life expectancy is now greater than ours. It’s interesting—their public health system is quite remarkable.”

Senator Marco Rubio, whose family fled Cuba, didn’t want to hear it.
He pointed out the folly of believing the health statistics of a totalitarian regime that kills its people if they disagree. He said literacy statistics are meaningless when citizens can only read what a government allows them to read.
The Castro brothers have literally sucked the blood out of their political enemies at home.
They have sucked the blood out of their entire country.
And yet liberal senators like Tom Harkin seem to believe whatever the regime tells them. Wall Street Journal columnist,Peggy Noonan, praises Senator Rubio while pointing out the danger of whitewashing the Castro regime, as Senator Harkin does:

“If you don’t get the facts right, you’ll never get the policy right. And it does the world no good to see a great power fallen into relentless, mealy-mouthed obfuscation. That only adds to the slump-shouldered, depressed feeling that a lack of clarity always brings.”

Thank-you, Senator Rubio, for clarifying the facts about Cuba.