The unprotected class has spoken 5

“Those who come to this space know why I think what happened, happened. The unprotected people of America, who have to live with Washington’s policies, rebelled against the protected, who make and defend those policies and who care little if at all about the unprotected. That broke bonds of loyalty and allegiance. Tuesday was in effect an uprising of the unprotected. It was part of the push-back against detached elites that is sweeping the West and was seen most recently in the Brexit vote.” More…


Shock and awe 10

The Silent Majority is back.

The ‘haters (as the Left characterizes us),’ aka Catholics, white men, conservatives, gun owners, pro lifers, pro traditional marriage advocates, evangelical Christians, folks who stand for the Pledge and say it with tears in their eyes, Constitutionalists, and the rule of law horde have spoken.

Their message was simple: we want America back. Even more, we want to ‘make America great again.’ More…

Hurricane Hillary is a comin’ 4

Republicans have had a bellyful. Should they retain control of the House and Senate, they will not let Clinton Corruption get a free pass.

Hillary WILL violate her oath of office. Guaranteed. Her presidency will subject the country to a national nightmare that can only be avoided with her defeat this November… More…