Nancy Pelosi's secret weapon to get reelected!

By Tom Quiner


I’ve just spent the week in Las Vegas. After being surrounded by all of the craziness of that glitzy city, I need to get grounded again. What better way than with some news updates from NewsBusted’s legendary ace reporter, Jodi Miller!

Here are her latest breaking stories:
√ Obama declares 2014 the “year of action”
√ CBS lauds Obama’s “can-do” attitude
√ John Boehner loves “Mexican Shore”
√ NARAL loves guy who tricked girlfriend into taking abortion pill
√ Liberals consume more alcohol than conservatives
√ Nancy Pelosi’s secret weapon to get reelected
√ Why Jay Leno is stepping down from the Tonight Show
√ Tough break for liberals:  Dick Cheney lives!
It’s Friday. Kick back and relax with a few good laughs.
Take it away, Jodi Miller!