Alleged Bishop Sheen miracle approved by Vatican medical panel

By Tom Quiner


Can a dead person come back to life?
Science says no. Christ says yes. Jesus famously resuscitated the dead body of Lazarus and later a little girl. When an event occurs that is inexplicable according to the laws of nature, we call it a miracle.
Many miracles have been reported down through history. Most, in fact, were explicable. But there are some that are given careful, scientific scrutiny that ultimately stump the doctors and scientists investigating the phenomenon.
One recently took place near Peoria, Illinois, and a Vatican medical panel, after thorough investigation, have come up with no scientific explanation.
It was a miracle. Here is what happened:
James Engstrom was born dead.
For 61 minutes, he had no pulse.
Suddenly, his heart started.  Why?  Was it because of what his parents did that new life was breathed into James tiny heart?
What exactly did Travis and Bonnie Engstrom do?  They prayed.  Specifically, they prayed for the intercession of the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who himself had been born in Central Illinois.
This life and death drama took place at the OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois on September, 16th, 2010.
The parents believe a miracle occurred.
The Catholic Church is slow to make such claims.  But James’ improbable resuscitation sparked an investigative tribunal by the Church.  The investigation is complete by their medical panel.  According to the Catholic News Agency:

“The Vatican’s medical advisory panel ruled that there is no medical explanation for the healing of the baby. The ruling means that a board of theologians will now review the case. If they approve the case, its consideration could pass to the cardinals and bishops who advise Pope Francis on beatifications.”

My wife and I had a long-distance encounter with James’ mother, Bonnie, a couple of years ago. We screened a Bishop Sheen documentary at a local movie theater. Before the screening, we contacted Bonnie and created a 14 minute video where she tells the dramatic story. You can watch the video above.
Watch and thrill to the realization that the veil between heaven and earth is a thin one; that saints in heaven pray with us and for us. Sometimes their prayers lead to a miracle.
Just ask James Fulton Engstrom.