Morality isn't dictated by liberal elites


By Tom Quiner

The quote above is particularly relevant today.
The Supreme Court is hearing a watershed case to determine if liberal elites can force their morality, their religion, on Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
You know the story. The president, in another of his deceitful maneuvers, imposed the HHS Mandate on businesses. Under the Obama administration, the government compels us to violate our religious conscience, our bedrock, immutable principles, by purchasing products we believe to be immoral.
What are these products? Contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization.
Although these items are sacraments of the Secular Humanism that increasingly guides the moral thinking of these liberal elites, they are abominations to many Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Obamacare would never have passed if the HHS Mandate had been disclosed in advance of the vote.
Chalk it up as another lie, along with “you can keep your current health insurance if you’d like.”
Liberal elites have their truth. It is fluid, murky, gooey. What they believe tomorrow will most likely be different than what they believe today.
Catholicism, my religion, believes the same things today as it did 2000 years ago, and will continue to believe the same 2000 years hence, since our Truth flows from God, not man.
The First Amendment to the Constitution enshrines religious liberty as America’s foremost right. It allows each of us, from Catholics to Neo-Pagans, more than the freedom to worship our respective religions; it allows us to live out our faith in the public square. Hobby Lobby has bravely opposed the HHS Mandate.
The outcome of this case will determine if Hobby Lobby and the rest of us can live fruitful lives guided by our faith without government sanction.

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