The official religion of the Democratic Party

By Tom Quiner A religion is defined by dogma. After all, what is a religion but a set of principles and beliefs; that is, dogmas. The Roman Catholic Church has a set of dogmas that are virtually unchanged for 2000 years. Protestantism has splintered into some 30,000 to 40,000 strains, each with their own sets…

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“I wish I had an abortion”

Why would someone wish that they had a procedure that violates two healthy bodies, with one typically ending up dead? Because human abortion is a badge of honor in this religion. It is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual goodness in the eyes of neo paganists, a natural progression of the child sacrifice practiced by their forbears.

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The Indiana smokescreen

The game has changed.

Why is the Left so infuriated by Indiana’s passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? After all, a liberal Democrat, President Bill Clinton, signed a very similar bill into law at the federal level back in 1993.

After all, left-wing Democrat, Barack Obama, supported a similar law in Illinois when he was a State Senator.

And after all, 20 states already have similar laws on the books, and a dozen more states have similar legislation pending.

So why the outrage now?

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Morality isn't dictated by liberal elites

By Tom Quiner The quote above is particularly relevant today. The Supreme Court is hearing a watershed case to determine if liberal elites can force their morality, their religion, on Christians, Muslims, and Jews. You know the story. The president, in another of his deceitful maneuvers, imposed the HHS Mandate on businesses. Under the Obama…

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