What could possible go wrong with Obamacare?

By Tom Quiner

Watch the video above.
In a single (if sprawling) sentence, Dr. Barbara Bellar, presents the utter irrationality of Obamacare.
It has been two years since Dr. Bellar spoke this sentence. A lot has happened with our healthcare system since the passage of Obamacare, and it’s all bad. It’s so bad that the president is delaying the implementation of the legislation.
Sadly, he’s not doing it because working class Americans are getting devastated by Obamacare; he’s doing it for political reasons. Democrats are going to get devastated in the elections this November because of Mr. Obama’s only accomplishment of his administration. So he’s delaying the carnage until after the 2016 presidential elections.
If the president and his party truly cared about us rank and file Americans, they’d repeal this monstrosity and go back to the drawing board. But they won’t until they’re forced to by the voters.
What could possible go wrong with Obamacare? Everything.